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Feeling of Pay 2 Win
15 July 2010
Posted in Allods online
After playing Allods for about 2 weeks now, I can't escape the feeling of "Pay 2 Win" from the game. With the removal of that annoying Fear of Death, a couple of new additions have been added. And though I said that Allods is now better of with the cursed item thing (which I really think), an other addition is that of Caprey's Blessing. And this blessing does add a bit of Pay 2 Win to the game IMO...

So that's up with this Caprey's Blessing anyway? The basics is simple. At very low level you get a quest where you're handed a couple (8 if I remember correctly) of Incenses, which will activate the Caprey's Blessing. When you use an Insence, you activate the Caprey's Blessing for one day (real time!), which allows you to use a special heal that'll cost you 1 Myrrh. So far, nothing wrong there, but look at the screenshots I made...

The Caprey's Blessing also allows you to activate your stat bonus. Yes, that's right. Your items do give you a bonus that's not activated when you wear it! In order to activate these bonus stats, you have to activate the Caprey's Blessing.

In my case, I've applied the bonus to be activated for luck, which is one of the major stats to be boosted as scout. Without the blessing active, it takes me like forever to kill a monster, and my main skill (Merciless Shot) fails, or does little to no damage. With the blessing active, the Merciless Shot lands almost every time and does a multiple times the damage compared when not active (really, I mean 35 vs 200+!).

And worse of all, the Incenses that trigger Caprey's Blessing are only for sale through the item shop, which makes Allods more a Pay 2 Win game than I initially thought

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Runaway Zoo
12 July 2010
Posted in Allods online
In Novogard, a gibberling family needs your help. They imported a couple of animals with the idea to make a zoo in Novogard, but somehow the plans changed and there won't be any zoo anymore. To make things worse, some of the captured animals have escaped, and you're asked to track them down and kill them...

I can imagine I had to kill the Satyr and Troll (who ever want one in a zoo anyway? ). But to kill the unicorn..? These are noble, almost angelic creatures. Too bad I could not capture her and return her to toe gibberling family, I felt real sorry to take her down.

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Now it's time to 'learn' the game
11 July 2010
Posted in Allods online
I've played Allods now for like three days or so. And I really enjoy the game.

Unlike in other games, I for once play a trickster (ranger, hunter, archer or whatever you want to call it. for a gibberling it's called trickster), and I do like this class a lot. Aside from ranged attacks, the class also has a number of melee skills, and (as I've shown two days ago in a movie) tricks up the sleeve like caltrops.

But now it's time to learn to play my class, and I don't mean push buttons. Instead I need to learn the class by skills and ability scores. By now I found out, if I want to use archery as main, I need to boost my luck a lot. And that's just one score I've had pretty low for a long time
I did already set the talent for my flaming arrows to the maximum, doing over 40 damage per 2 seconds. This DoT is pretty powerful, and when I hit a monster 1 level lower than me with 2 of them, it's nearly dead when it tries to hit me

But I do think I need to put some extra talents in the caltrops skill. At the moment they give a 50% or 60% to a monster to be stunned (they tumble and fall over the caltrops, real funny to see ), and I know that at level 2 they give already an 80% chance to be stunned.

Below is yet an other movie where I kill a mini boss for a quest, using caltrops. I noticed when I drop the caltrops at the right time on the right place, they can trip the monster up to three times

There's also an other thing though... Inventory storage and banking storage. That's very limited to say at least. Right now I can manage, but I have to go back to the city often to sell stuff. I am tempted to buy a bigger bag from the item store, but am still not 100% sure if I'll stay with the game long. Think I'll have to give that a week or two before I actually get one. There also used to be a quest that would give you a bag for free (*ahum* the quest was long and drops for the quest were very low), but it looks like that one is removed from the game

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Fear of Death removed - Allods did get better!
10 July 2010
Posted in Allods online
After my articles of yesterday and the day before yesterday, I saw I made an error

Last evening I did a quest and I received 10 Holy Charms. These Holy Charms protect my items from becoming cursed. Reading the original patch update of the Revelations of Gipat, it states that when you die only one of your rare items has a small chance of become cursed. This means that carrying Holy Charms with you, your items will stay as they are. So I looked into the item store and found the Holy Charms.
 photo AOgame2010-07-1013-26-10-62_zpsf9ea0688.jpg

The game hands you 10 of these Holy Charms, and after they're used up (or rather before that), you can buy new ones. Good thing is that these Holy Charms are not that expensive. For 100 of them (which might last you for a month) you pay only $ 1.10.

So what's with those Scrolls of Purification then?
The same patch notes also say that bosses can drop cursed items. You can use the Scrolls of Purification to remove the curse and use the item normally. Also, if for some reason you don't have any Holy Charms with you and you die and one of your items does get cursed, you can get one and remove the curse...

Looking back at my post of yesterday, I was wrong about the $ 24 a month. If you keep the Holy Charms with you, you can do with $ 1.10 a month. If you raid a lot and get some cursed items you need to spend some extra money for those Scrolls of Purification to remove curses . In that case you might end up spending around $5 to $ 10 month. This will make Allods a lot better priced compared to the past, and other AAA-titles...

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Aside the critisism, I do enjoy playing Allods
09 July 2010
Posted in Allods online
The last two days I've been very critical about the new system for death in Allods, but I do enjoy playing the game

Since yesterday I'm active once again on the US servers, and giving the game a new try. Aside from the new cursed item system, a lot of things have changed for the better in Allods. One of the best things is the direct control of your pet as summoner, where you can use SHIFT-1 trough SHIFT-6 to command your pet.

But there are also things changed for the worse. Oh well worse..? The Damned Soul is one of those changes. During beta, this boss was pretty easy to kill, but now you need more people to kill it than before. Today I helped kill him twice and here's the first try on movie:
In a second try, we agreed I would hold back on damage so our tank (a level 13 one that stayed on the starter isle ) could keep aggro.

As you might have noticed, I'm playing a ranger class for once. I do adore those lil' Gibberlings, but I didn't want to play a psionicist for once. So I ended up playing ranger One of the best skills they have are the caltrops. Below there's a movie where I use them to slow down a (named) monster and kill him...

There you go... Aside from all the criticism, I do think Allods is still one of the better MMORPG's out there and I do enjoy it a lot...

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Fear of Death removed - will Allods be better now? Pt.2
09 July 2010
Posted in Allods online
After yesterday's comment I wrote about the new patch for Allods, I had a tweet from the Allods devs asking me how my gameplay has changed since the cursed items are introduced.

Frankly, right now I can't tell anything about it yet. Like I tweeted the Allods devs I stopped playing Allods after the Fear of Death was introduced during the 2nd open beta and just started again yesterday. The tweet from the Alldos devs did make me wonder a bit about the Myrrh that has to be payed to get out of purgatory, and the price to be payed for the Scroll of Purification, to remove the curses...

Below are three screenshots about the Myrrh and the Scroll of Purification...

Both the Scroll of Purification and the Myrrh are not that expensive at first glance. But taking a closer look, it might make you wonder. From my experience with Lineage II, I know that in a PvP-battle you die once in a while. During regular game-play, you die about 3 times a week (boss hunting not included here).
Since I don't have info about the Myrrh used on higher level to leave purgatory, I can't tell a thing about it. But I can make some calculations for the deaths and thus the purchase of Scroll of Purification...

For me, I guess I'll die around 3 times a week in PvP, and an other 3 times for regular monster hunting. That's 6 times a week... Take a purple scroll as avarage, it'll be 600 gPotato's to be spend on the Scroll of Purification.
Here comes the tricky part... 1000 gPotato is $10... So you spend $6 a week on dying... Multiply that times 4 and you're on $24 a month for Allods. This is excluding the Myrrh you might buy to leave purgatory...

Take into account that most AAA-titles cost only $15 a month, Allods would be a whole lot more expensive... It's a good thing that these Scroll of Purification can also be bought from other players, but still. I've seen prices for item-shop items yelled in zone-chat, that made me wonder if that's worth the in-game money...

For now, I'll stick to Allods and see if the above calculation is accurate. Today I died already twice on the Damned Soul. Since I'm too low to PvP, I can't make an estimate on that right now. I'll keep you posted

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Fear of Death removed - will Allods be better now?
08 July 2010
Posted in Allods online
It has taken some time, but finally, that annoying Fear of Death has been removed from the game with the latest patch: Revelations of Gipat. But will things get better now for Allods..?

In the past, with the Fear of Death in place, when you died, you'd receive a debuff that would bring your stats down with 25% for a long period of time. The length of this period was determined by your level. To get rid of this debuff, you had to buy certain items from the cash-shop, or wait very long for the debuff to wear off.

Now, with the new patch, this debuff has been removed completely. Instead, when you die, one of your items of blue or higher rarity will become cursed. To rid this curse, you (once again) have to buy an item from the item shop. They also added cursed item drops from bosses (one more push to buy from the item shop).

This all might sound better, since you'll be less forced to buy from the item shop, but you are still forced to buy from the item shop after death. So nothing really changed, aside from the fact that you might spend a little less on the item shop...

Then there is the problem of the purgatory... When you die, you go to purgatory, and stay there for a certain amount of time (determined by level once again), and you can bribe the keeper there to be released sooner. The item used to be released from purgatory is no cash-shop item, but costs you lots of in-game money to obtain in large quantities. I have heard people complain about it being too expensive that they can't afford to buy the bribe items and have to stay very long in purgatory (I've been there as well and at level 11 I had to stay for 90 seconds already).

In all, Allods might be better now to play, but you're still forced to use the cash shop. It's a good thing that players are able to sell these cash items in-game, so if you don't want to pay for the game, you have a way to obtain the required items. But that still means someone did pay for your death to the cash shop...

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Probably won't play Allods
12 January 2010
Posted in Allods online
...I know... I've wrote a lot about Allods, and I like the game. But there is more than just dropping the game like that

On I've read an article about the game's itemshop. Normally I don't care too much about that, since they enhance gameplay a bit. But for Allods this is different.

I wanted to build a ship in Allods and sail through space. From the article I've read, the only way to get this done is by buying an item from the itemshop. Now that's no problem to me normally, but I've seen the price that's attached to the item. The price is somewhere around US$ 330. That's about 225, and is even more than my lifetime subscription I payed for Lord of the Rings online.

No way I'm going to pay 225 for an item from the itemshop to get my "dream" to become reality (and risk loosing it due to piracy or war/PvP). I'd rather drop Allods then and buy Star Trek online and make my way up to captain and get my hands on a nice ship. At least there I know I'll pay a monthly fee, have stable servers, no goldsellers and a good time (I hope).

Speaking about it... Star Trek online's open beta starts in 3 hours from now. Can't wait to get graduate from Starfleet Academy and boldly go where no man has gone before

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Behind the Scenes: PvP
30 November 2009
Posted in Allods online

PvP is at the heart of the game

PvP is full of drama, suspense, and everything that can be expected from an online game. Without it, players would be frustrated. To be frank, Allods Online was not PvP oriented from the very beginning, originally it was designed as a PvE oriented game. Nowadays, no one can even remember who first suggested making PvP the basis for Allods Online.

 At the end of the first year, developers realized that they were making a great Russian game, with a universal conflict contained in one nation, the Russian nation, seen throughout its history. In Allods Online there are 2 factions: the democratic League, which is lead by the Kanians and the totalitarian Empire, which is ruled by the Xadaganians. Players can choose the side which most appeals to their ideology and gaming style. And of course, players can prove that their way is the only right one with PvP.

PvP - The Familiar Kind

 There are different kinds of PvP in Allods Online. Players can fight in free PvP zones. They will reach these zones for the first time at about level 20. Such zones are places of open combat between the League and the Empire, so players can kill enemies along with doing quests and chatting. A hunter can become the prey, so be careful!

The Holy Land allod is worth mentioning separately. Faction vs. Faction combats will be rewarded there. Players will fight for special points on the allod to receive bonuses. It will be an extremely cruel battle; don't think for even a moment that you can be merciful in those lands.

For those who prefer to follow rules (more or less), special arenas were created. Those are small areas near Xadaganian and Kanian capitals where players can fight. The number of combat participants is not restricted. Each player within the arena borders is considered to be a participant. Players can always run away from arena and enter it again. They are used mostly for fights within the factions and friendly bouts.

Be careful, you can die in a PvP Arena just as you can anywhere else!

PvP - A Fresh Look

There are modes of PvP that one can find only in Allods Online.

Goblin-O-Ball is the first unique PvP of it's type. Goblin-O-Ball is based upon football. As a national Orc sport, they are pretty confident that they look much better on the field then those 11 skinny other guys with a ball. This is a game constantly discussed during drunken parties and a reason for street fights. The main difference between Goblin-O-Ball and football is that force and strength are much more important than your football skills. The game is set in a special arena in a Contested area. Two teams of six players can participate. League vs. League, Empire vs. Empire and League vs. Empire. The goal is to shoot 9 goals into the opponent's gates. But you'll have a real goblin instead of ball!

The next unusual and unique type of PvP takes place in the Astral.

Astral Combat

The first part of Astral Combat, ship versus ship combat, can be compared to tanks dueling. Two crews compete in ship management skills, using everything at their disposal, including landscape. Try to avoid the opponents' attacks and find the weakest place on their ship to strike. Each member of the crew can be a helmsman, navigator, engineer or cannoneer. Only excellent teamwork can help surviving in such a battle.

The second part of Astral Combat begins when the opponents' shields are gone and the boarding begins.  The unlucky one without shields can prepare to defend the ship and any loot aboard!

Battle is conducted right on the ship's deck. Such a battle can be compared with modern shooter games when players have several goals to reach. They will need to destroy the engine as well as reach the treasure room, steal the loot, and bring it to their ship. The other crew should defend its treasures and stop the enemy. Fallen players revive in a special area on the ship. If any loot is stolen, the victors must make it back to harbour before it is safe for counting.

Opposing the Opposite

As it can be seen, two absolutely opposite types of players can coexist - PvE and PvP - in game. In other games, their paths are seldom crossed, but in Allods Online they have to face each other often. In the astral, some will fight while some will pay money or even use diplomatic skills. However this will be the beginning of complex in-game, human relationships that other online games miss.

Astral Ships

Players will be able to see Astral Ships for the first time very early in game. Imperial players will begin their adventure in the Allods world as members of an Astral Ship crew that is attacked by the League. League players will have a chance to travel on the ship that will transport them from a small allod to the League Capital. But full experience will be gained much later in game.

The first player controlled ship will be available at high levels and it is not the cheapest purchase. Moreover a crew is required. "A friend in the market is better than money in the chest."

The very minimum required to control a ship is a navigator and a helmsman. The first one plots the course, the second one controls the ship. But such a ship will be completely unprotected in the dangerous Astral. The best form of defense is to have cannoneers and engineers on board.

*Taken from the gPotato website

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Cave Troll raid
22 November 2009
Posted in Allods online
Ah... There we were. Just killed the Damned Soul (yet an other kill on him for me ), and we descided to kill the Cave Troll (level 9) on Evermeet Isle.

Preparing, looking who and what, and in the end, I (as healer) would be the tank because I had the best armour value (175). There were 3 other healers who'd concentrate on me and the Gibberling Brawler (warrior class) and Human Druid would assist me when I'd have enough aggro.
Okay... I took aggro pretty well there...

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