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1000 accounts banned
24 June 2014
Posted in ArcheAge
Today there was a topic in faction chat about botters and goldsellers. At one point someone said that TRION stated to have banned over 1000 accounts already for botting. Though I was not surprised that there actually are bots (everyone on the server knows that already), but more that people bot while they had to pay $150 for it and chance to be banned because of it. I was also surprised that TRION did take the effort to go through all the reports and logs and ban these bots manually (as said before, there's no in-game banhammer with this alpha build).

I took the news of the 1000 bans as knowledge and went on with my game. That was until I ran from my farm to the warehouse manager and I noticed I was missing a couple of farms there of which I suspected that they were acquired by botting. When I returned to my farm I indeed noticed those farms were gone and there was room to spare around my farm.

Well, room to spare, I'm talking about 3 8x8 plots that were free now. Plots I wanted earlier on in the game so that I could remove my big farm there and build a farmhouse. But not having the funds at the time (and the plots being taken the next day), I let that idea go...

But now with the plots available again, and having the funds to drop a small farm on them (4th is 356% tax and 5th is 725% tax ) I decided to claim two spots in a tactical way so that I could later remove them along with the big farm and drop a farmhouse there instead.
 photo ARCHEAGE2014-06-2417-10-11-85_zps9487a361.jpg

But well, nog having enough gilda star at the moment, I might as well make good use of these plots. When I will logon later tonight, I will complete these farms and grow some cotton on them. Cotton that I need to make tradepacks from and get 10 gilda stars per traderun from. With that, I also have enough stuff on me for 5 other tradepacks that'll give 20 gilda stars total, but that is when one area gets out of it's war time later tonight.

I have also checked the tax renewal dates for the two big farms that I have there as well. Those are 6 and 7 days ahead, so I'll have enough time to get the gilda stars I need for the farmhouse. I might even slack, but I guess I just won't do that

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19 June 2014
Posted in ArcheAge
The last 2 to 3 weeks, more and more reports of bots have appeared on the ArcheAge alpha forums (for all you not alpha-players not to see). And since last week we've had the next pest coming in to the server: goldsellers. Yes, you hear it right, we have goldsellers in alpha, and I have no fucking clue what they're doing here. I mean did they really pay $150/€135 to get in or are they using 'hacked' accounts?

And then the spam they drop in faction chat... OMFG it's so bad that it's like every Free2Play game out there (especially those from Aeria games) with no GM even bothering to take action against them...
 photo ARCHEAGE2014-06-1906-41-18-64_zpse36ac899.jpg

Okay, TRION already has admitted that with the current build of ArcheAge they have no tool to instantly ban the accounts in-game, and all banning is done manually for now (I admit, it does take balls to admit a thing like that ). And the pest just uses this knowledge to their advantage. Their botting scripts are made to have the account spam their message for like 10 minutes. After 10 minutes they log off, delete the character (which will also delete the character from every player's blocklist) and a new character is made for the coming 10 minutes

But there's also good news... Version 1.2 is about to come to alpha SOON™. This version will give us a lot of changes, including a sneak-preview of the cash shop that we'll be having (I will post about that one for sure!), and hopefully also the ability for the GMs to ban the accounts of the goldsellers and bots.

For now, gameplay is kinda made no fun at all. Because of the goldselling spam I have removed the faction chat from my general chat tab, but that also makes me miss a lot of chat from other players, even the new ones asking questions. Alternatively, I'm not in alliance chat, but sadly a lot of players are not talking in that. I wish they would though and leave the faction chat as a place for the goldsellers to spam...

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Farm wagon!
14 June 2014
Posted in ArcheAge
It's hard not to get too attached to your character when an alpha (or beta) runs for months. For me that means that goals which I've set for release might be accomplished during the alpha as well.

One of those goals is the farm wagon. The thing can transport 4 tradepacks over land and the driver can have one tradepack on it's back, making it effectively a 5-pack transporter. The only problem though is the price to make it. With the current prices on the server, the farm wagon costs somewhere between 600 and 800 gold to make That is, IF you can make the more common materials yourself. If not, add an extra 200 gold to the price...

 photo ARCHEAGE2014-06-1419-44-44-16_zps4d519c57.jpg

In my case the farm wagon only costed me 550 gold though. I was lucky to have bought my 2 thunderstruck trees 'pretty cheap' (520 gold together vs 670 gold today on the auction house), and some special ingot that requires 10K metalworking (which I will never get I think because I'm a magic user) I bought for 30 gold (still 7.5 gold cheaper than on the AH).

And with the farm wagon made it's time for it's maiden voyage. In my case I went from Mahadevi to Falcourt Plains with 5 plywood packs. Though not much, I was pretty sure they'd be on 130% value (the maximum), and I was right about that, making a profit of around 12.5 gold for the trip...

An other use for the wagon is to get barrels of Auroria water over to my farm. MY farm is quite far away from the Austera harbor, where the water can be bought, and it takes me around half an hour to get it to the farm. With the wagon it still is around half an hour, but at least I can bring up to 5 at one run. Though I can bring 5, I will bring only 4. I need that Auroria water for my Archeum tree (a very special tree giving some key ingredient for crafting), and I have planted 2 of them in my garden. I use 2 barrels immediately to water the trees, and the remaining two will be dropped on the ground for my 2 alts to pick up (the barrels disappear in 30 minutes if not picked up).

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To prevent over-playing
09 June 2014
Posted in ArcheAge
I'm pretty sure I have played too much ArcheAge at the moment. The last 6 weeks have been very inspiring and learning, but I'm at a breaking point at the moment after having played at least 8 hours a day I know, 8 hours a day minimum is really a lot, but yet, there's still so much to learn from the game as well. But as always, when playing a game too much, I'm getting over-played and might loose interest. With ArcheAge still being in alpha, I'm taking action to prevent that over-playing moment. Indeed, I have not yet over-played it, but I'm getting close already...

To make sure I'll enjoy ArcheAge for the coming weeks (months?) during alpha and will enjoy the game at launch as well, I have decided to do only a couple of daily quests the coming week, and keep my gardens tidy. Yeah, I will continue on some daily quests for the Gilda Stars and Nui Tears, as well as keep using the garden for the materials I need for when I return to the game.

But what to do in the mean time? Well, oddly enough, I have reinstalled World of Warcraft again and have rerolled there. I have hopped to a new server and switched to the Alliance side by making a dwarf hunter. I have never played the Alliance side, so that's all new for me. And having hopped to a new and more active server (it's population is always High), I hope to enjoy my stay there for the 60 days worth that I have paid for through the (extremely cheap) time-card.

Moreover, I will also pick up programming again on TetraGems and finished that game as well. I'm way behind thanks to ArcheAge (or my addiction to it ) and I want to get the release version ready!

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A new character build
07 June 2014
Posted in ArcheAge
I've been playing healer for already quite a while in ArcheAge, but I always found that the casting and cooldown times of the healing skills was too high. For that reason I've added the healing skills from the Songcraft tree to my class build as well,  but still, at times I came short. Other players noticed that too and I was advised to go for the Templar build.

I have given that Templar build a try, but it's not really my play style. Not to mention it has little to no offensive abilities and the defensive abilities from the Defence (Protection) I think are not really effectively helping the healing.

There for I was looking for an alternative and came down to the Edgewalker build.
 photo Screenshot2014-06-07232549_zps08ba82f4.png
With this build I do have 'some' offensive abilities, and have taken the best combos from Vitality (Devotion) and Auromancy (Will) for fast healing and lower cooldowns. The original idea of the Templar build to regain mana by meditation I have removed as well and instead I've taken the Occultism (Necromancy) passive to regen 30 extra mana in favor of 30 less health regen when not casting.

There are two skills I'm not sure about from the Auromancy tree though. That's the level 25 buff to boost HP by a bit and the level 50 magic immunity skill (forgot it's name). I think I have to drop the buff and take the immunity instead.

Sad thing though, the Auromancy tree is still low level for me (24 iirc), and I need to boost it fast, but it's not going as fast as I would like it to be. Because of my high level , the tree gets little to no XP from monster killsm while leveling through farming and crafting is a problem because I'm always low on labor points

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New guild created
04 June 2014
Posted in ArcheAge
I've been in the NAVY SEALS guild for a week or three now. When I entered, recruiting was active, but not to the level that everyone who wanted would be invited. Basically, Fresh (the guild leader) was quite picky on the new recruits only to make sure that NAVY SEALS would not become a zerg guild, but a guild that would stay relatively small and get the job done by teamwork.

But the last week, Fresh has changed a couple of things in recruitment privileges, and only he and one officer could recruit new members. That's still okay when you have like 27 members, but with Fresh not being on for too much, and his teamwork starting to lack, we (me and 5 other guild members) started to wonder if NAVY SEALS would fit our needs in the future (both now during alpha and at release). Add to that that a small group (a minority of the guild that's not so active) wanted to chance faction and make an elf at release for it's swimming and water breathing passive skills and it was all done for us. I mean, making such a dramatic change in a game while you know almost all there is to know of the current continent is only one a large zerg guild or world's first guild would make.

Yesterday evening we were on TeamSpeak and discussing all the above, and the core of NAVY SEALS (not including Fresh - he hadn't been on all day yesterday again) felt that the guild as it was now was dying. No new influx of players, no more team work, aside from this small core we're with and the guild having a bad name mainly because of the other officer.

It didn't take long for us to realize that we had to drop the ball and make our own guild. Zhalis (who came up with the topic, but I'm pretty sure we all were already thinking on what's next with NAVY SEALS) asked all of a sudden if we would follow when she'd make a guild. The answer was a loud YES! Next up, NAVY SEALS immediately lost it's main core of active players, we met in the Ynystere capital and our new guild was created. Zhalis came up with a lot of names and one really stood out: Dark Paradox and with everyone liking that name, we named the guild that way...

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Piracy and how to do it
02 June 2014
Posted in ArcheAge
Okay, let me start with saying that I'm no expert on piracy (yet ), but I will give a rough idea on how piracy works in ArcheAge, and how to avoid becoming a pirate yourself...

First off, piracy in ArcheAge mainly consists on the sea, where pirating players will steal tradepacks from other players and collect the reward for the packs their self. Of course, when you see a player with a tradepack on his back on land, and you can attack, you could steal that one as well But as said before, the main part of piracy will take place on the water...

In earlier posts I've written that when you PK too many players (or steal their crop) of your own faction, you'll accumulate infamy points, and when you have accumulated 3000 infamy points you'll turn into a pirate. With the main way to obtain tradepacks from other players being to kill them (and occasionally destroy their ship as well), you will get 3000 infamy points pretty quickly when you focus on your own faction.

Instead you should focus mainly on the enemy faction, or on pirates. Since both have a red name for you so don't see any difference between them, you can't go wrong there. I can say with 100% certainty that when you kill a player from the opposing faction (not counting the pirates as a faction here, while they technically are one), you will not only get their tradepack, but you will also get honour from the PvP kill (even in party if you didn't touch the player - I'm playing a healer class and I get infamy from any enemy faction player my party kills). This way, piracy is a win-win situation.

Then pirates... They are outlaws and don't answer to either of the two factions. And with the trader NPCs being guarded NEUTRAL guards, the pirates can turn in the tradepacks just like both factions can. Only problem being a pirate is you have no friends but those in your guild (yeah, no honour amongst thieves . From what I've heard from other players, pirates are in a constant PvP and when they die, they won't go to trial. Be aware though, when a player from either of the two alliances will kill a pirate, they will have to answer for their crimes (at least that's what the game mechanics tell - I have no idea if it's true since I'm no pirate yet).

An other downside of becoming a pirate is that you'll be kicked from your guild immediately. This means that all your old buddies can't help you any more. This means that if you don't aim to become a pirate, you have to keep a close eye on your infamy points (I have 275 or so now). If the infamy you get is getting too high and you really don't want to become a pirate, you can always do some of the quests to lower your infamy (see an earlier post I wrote). You can also be lucky in trial and convince the jury (5 players) that you're innocent, and the judge (NPC) will reset your infamy. But that's a long shot when your infamy is getting too high, and you also do need to give a real good excuse why you've made all those kills/thefts.

The guild I'm in is going for piracy, but we're mainly in for pirating the enemy faction. Three days ago we were very successful and made some nice money in a few hours of pirating. Two days ago we went to enemy territory, but were not as lucky and kinda wasted a lot of time for only a couple of golds. Yesterday things were slow, until we saw a guild from our faction load up a tradeship (they are on our KOS list ) and we decided to give it a go. We were with only 4 and they with 6 to 8. It took us some real effort, but we managed to take control of their tradeship (it can't be despawned when it's loaded with packs) and we each had 2 packs. It was a lot of fun and the pay was pretty good as well..

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Level 50!
30 May 2014
Posted in ArcheAge
It finally happened to me - I've hit level 50 in ArcheAge and with that I've hit the level cap of the game

 photo ARCHEAGE2014-05-2910-19-21-14_zpsb6baa249.jpg

And like a lot of other MMORPGs, the game is not over when hitting the maximum level. Though ArcheAge doesn't really have the dungeon grind a lot of other MMORPGs have, there's still a lot to do in the game.

One of the quest I picked up is to level all other class trees to 50. Though I will not do that during alpha, I will try for this goal after release. During this alpha I will only level up a 4th class to 50 (or try to), and that is Sorcery. I have found out that Occultism is a fun class, but it's more a support to the other classes you pick than as a main class for DPS, while Sorcery is a massive DPS class...

An other thing to do is the gear grind. I know, it's extremely corny since every other MMORPG has it, but in ArcheAge the grind comes more from crafting it yourself rather than obtain points through PvP and but it from an NPC. And with the (small) chance of getting a better rate of gear when crafting, there's a long way to go get the best gear available.

And then there's also the PvP... Now that our guild gets more and more level 50s, we're forming parties for almost everything, including piracy. I think that piracy will be the most fun part of the game, and I'll write about it coming week when I've been doing it with the guild for a bit

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Economy at release
28 May 2014
Posted in ArcheAge
One of the great things about ArcheAge is the whole gathering and crafting system used. But with the release version of ArcheAge things might be different than they are during alpha/beta though. It's stated that you need patron status (subscription) to be able to own farms/houses, and thus only those players paying $15/€13 will be able to obtain one. That is, if the player is able to get gilda stars in the first place - those will be available mainly through intercontinental trade at release (they are now available for every trade).

With the paying players being able to own a farm and house and the Free2Play players not, material gathering will become pretty interesting for sure. First off, I think that mainly the Free2Play players will be the ones who will be fighting over the mining nodes scattered around the map (if bots will not already claim them...), while paying players will dominate on the crop and livestock market, as well as most crafts related to it (tailoring, leather working, cooking and alchemy).

An other thing that might skyrocket are the number of trials for petty theft. With Free2Play players not being able to grow a lot of stuff (there are only a few free to use locations with very limited items to grow), the number of 'illegal' farms will be massive. Free2Play players will most certainly try to find the best spots in the open to grow their stuff, where other players are able to steal the crop (or just uproot them).

I'm sure that ArcheAge will be more interesting after release than it's not when it comes to how the economy will work. With all changes coming and the fact that free players can not own land the game might change from how it is played now. I for one am sure to stay subscribed to the game, because so far I totally love the whole farming and trading system used.

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Treasure hunting
26 May 2014
Posted in ArcheAge
Early in the game you get a treasure map as a quest reward. This map holds the coordinates of where the treasure is hidden. The only problem is that ArcheAge doesn't give locations in any way, other than by a sextant which you need to craft (and needs a hard to come by ingot, especially in the early stages of the game).

I had dropped that treasure map in my bank for 'later use', and yesterday I decided to make myself the sextant and hunt for it. I was glad I kept the map in my bank for so long, because the map brought me to Rookborne Basin, a high level PvP area.

This morning I was bored and browsed through the auction house and found treasure maps on sale there. Normal ones range from around 50-90 silvers, while rarer ones (green, blue, purple and even a golden one) range from 3 to 30 gold ) Of course, I only have bought a couple of normal ones and went hunting...

 photo ARCHEAGE2014-05-2421-27-58-01_zps2d5be03a.jpg photo ARCHEAGE2014-05-2620-11-54-21_zps08ac55a0.jpg photo ARCHEAGE2014-05-2620-29-13-49_zps05179203.jpg
 photo ARCHEAGE2014-05-2620-23-11-05_zps45b91940.jpg photo ARCHEAGE2014-05-2620-25-41-52_zps56240f40.jpg photo ARCHEAGE2014-05-2619-42-31-99_zps47cce69a.jpg

The reward from these treasure maps is pretty much worth the 75 silvers I pay for them average. I always get a Niu's Tear, and there's a high chance for a random Archeum Crystal and there's also a small chance for a Gilda Star as well.

The worth of both the Nui's Tear and the Gilda Star is estimated around 1g40s on the server by now, but you can't trade them. The Archeum Crystals is a different thing. The red and blue ones are pretty valuable, ranging between 3 and 8 gold each (have had 4 of them already), and the green one is worth somewhere around 35 silver, IF you're already lucky enough to sell it (had only 1 of it so far).

At this moment I have 1 more map to do, and it brings me to Ynystere (also a PvP area) and I will do that one a bit later on I think. There are also still 3 treasure maps that I'm bidding on on the auction house, and I hope (also think) that I'll get those as well.

And then the rarer maps... I might give those a try as well. I'm extremely curious what those will give me. That'll mean that I have to keep an eye on the auction house for them and hope they'll drop a bit in price, or I have just to chance it and get a purple of golden one and see what it'll bring me

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