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Daughter of Giants
06 April 2014
Posted in Elder Scrolls
Yesterday I hit level 10, and the Prophet once again came to me asking to meet him in the Harborage. That I did, and he came up with a plan to rescue Lyris from the prison of Morlag Bal. While I was strolling around in Daggerfall, she has been removed from her prison and dumped in the Foundry of Woe to make weapons for the army of Morlag Bal...

In all, this quest was a rather easy one. I guess they didn't intend to make the personal quest overly difficult, but rather more informative on the how and why of your imprisonment at the start of the game and revealing your destiny bit by bit.

It's clear that my next quest involves a rescue or search for Sai Sahan. I have no clue who he is, but it's clear he is important...

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PvP in Cyradiil
05 April 2014
Posted in Elder Scrolls
This morning I (finally) hit level 10 and I could enter Cyradill for some 'good old' PvP. But since I had not a clue on what I had to do with PvP, I was hoping for a small guide. Well, that guide was given by a tutorial quest...

Okay, done the tutorial, so now I know what to do..? Indeed, pickup a quest and get on with that one. I picked up a scouting quest and it was one to walk to the other side of the map and I thought I could do that. 10 minutes later I checked my map only to find out that I didn't even progress 10% toward my destination

Good thing that while I was there, there was a lot of activity with the Daggerfall Covenant and 'we' were about to start to get a stronghold. I teamed up (FRAPSed that as well, but no time to process it now) and we went there. It was a lot of fun, but I seem to have forgotten one small thing - a siege engine. That meant that I was just running around while others were trying to break the door. When that was done we all stormed in and OMFG level 50 NPCs running around there (with me being only level 10 ).

The whole PvP thing was fun, though I didn't really PvP. The ESO PvP system is much like that of Guild Wars 2, but from the looks of it made a lot better. I will certainly be in Cyradiil more and post more about the PvP (system) there...

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Immediate subscription charge
04 April 2014
Posted in Elder Scrolls
Early access has been extended for an other 2 days. But this won't give you an extra 2 days. Oh well, I had a SMS this morning that I could pick up my pre-order (including the soundtrack CD), and I did so after work. In the mean time I've read that (on Elder Scrolls online needs a payment source upon entering the ESO key AND will charge you immediately for the first period (as you have selected to be charged for either 1, 3 or 6 months). Since I don't have a creditcard anymore, I kinda had to buy a 60-day timecard immediately along with the ESO pre-order...

On I've read some very negative comments on this first charge on this immediate subscription charge. Even the words 'cash grab' was used. But I think it's only a positive thing that Zenimax is charging subscription (or using a 60-day timecard) immediately upon entering the game's key.

These days, MMORPGs are more and more played like regular (console) games, meaning that played buy the game when it's released, rush through the content and then abandon it. With games becoming shorter and shorter (in terms of both playing time and content) and MMORPGs these days are no longer the 'grind' they used to be, players might burn though the ESO content in matter of a few weeks (days?) and then abandon the game without seeing a lot of (hidden) features the developers have put in the game. Forcing the players to pay for at least an extra month (60 days) at release could keep these players in the game.

And ESO has a lot of features. First off, there are 3 factions, and my guess is that each faction has it's own full storyline. Playing through all those 3 storylines would already triple the earier mentioned few weeks (days) to get through the content of ESO. Not to mention all exploring, crafting, PvP and Kingship in the game.

ESO really has a lot to offer and I hope that with this extra 'forced' subscription players might linger a bit longer than the regular (boxed) month...

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03 April 2014
Posted in Elder Scrolls
After having left the isle of Stros M'Kai it was time to continue to Betnikh, an Orc owned isle. I was asked to see if I could convince them to join the Daggerfall Covenant, which is not an easy task. But having done this already during the beta weekends, I knew what to expect and after having dealt with the undead army of their own ancestors. So once again I had to play through the Carzog's Demise quest...

...and once again I choose to destroy the artifact. Though I later thought I should have kept it because this time I'm not playing an Orc and thus the artifact could be useful for the Daggerfall Covenant

While playing on the Betnikh isle, I also stumbled upon an Orc who wasn't a fighter but a metalsmith. After his father's death, his mother was pushing him to become a great warrior like his father and he had to kill some big-ass monster. Sadly this Orc is really not a fighter at all and he already lost his father's sword and asked me to help him find it and help him kill that bid-ass monster...

Needless to say that after his quick departure the moment the seasnake appeared I advised him to stick to metalworking instead of becoming a warrior

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Early access started!
02 April 2014
Posted in Elder Scrolls
Yesterday after work I finally was able to play Elder Scrolls online again. This time in early access, so my character would not be deleted. Because it would not be deleted I decided to put some extra time into creating my character instead of sticking to the default facial and body settings. Sadly though, the zoom in (the big +) below the character wasn't working and I wasn't able to see really what I did to the face (one should think this was fixed during betas...)

Logging on for the first time, I also saw the ESO introduction movie for the first time. At least they explain a bit more on the how & what of Tamriel in this era. I already got some of the background story when playing the beta, but I would never have guessed that there was no emperor on the throne...

There are also a couple of changes to the released version of ESO and the betas. Where during the beta you'd start in Stros M'Kai after having escaped the prison, this time I ended up in Daggerfall and I could use a ship back to Stros M'Kai to play through the story I did during the betas. 

For all those who haven't played the betas, I'd suggest you go to Stros M'Kai before you head out in Daggerfall. Reason is that the story on the isle of Stros M'Kai is very enjoyable, and it does give some good gear as well. Gear you need when you're back in Daggerfall... Not to mention, there's quite a lot of XP to be earned in Stros M'Kai, allowing to boost your skills up to par when you head out in Daggerfall

One thing Id did find annoying though. During the betas, I was able to pick up two one handed weapons in the prison when gearing up. Somehow they removed the 2nd one handed weapon and I was forced to pick a sword and shield. Because of this I've missed out on quite a lot of XP for my dual wield skill Only after I was able to gather 375 gold, I could get myself a 2nd one handed weapon to start training my dual wield skill...

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Early access tomorrow
31 March 2014
Posted in Elder Scrolls
I know I said to cancel the pre-order 2 weeks ago and I actually did. Though G2A didn't respond to my request to pre-order it (don't know how their support works), I decided to make a complaint through PayPal (which I used to pay for). That complaint was processed almost immediately and I had my refund confirmation within the hour. Oddly though G2A doesn't refund their self, but I had to escalate my complaint on PayPal to a claim

But while playing Morrowind (yes, I still play it, though I don't post about it regularly ), I figured I wanted to play Elder Scrolls online after all But I didn't want to pre-order again through G2A. Not to mention, with all Elder Scrolls games I have are boxed ones. So I decided to pre-order the Elder Scrolls online with my local game store to get the boxed version.

Only the difference in price between G2A and my local game store... G2A charged me 35 while the local game store charges 55. Aside from both giving me the early access and the explorer's pack, my local game store will gave me the box (duhuh ), which I hope will hold the map of the game as well, and a CD with the soundtrack.

Sadly though, tomorrow at 1pm (CEST) the server will open up for me. At that time I'm still working, so I have to wait an other 2 hours before I can start to play. On the other hand, ESO does start during European daytimes for a change, where normally MMORPGs open up during US evenings, making it the middle of the night for Europe...

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Morrowind REALLY is old
20 March 2014
Posted in Elder Scrolls
I know why last time I didn't really play Morrowind when I had it installed on my PC. It's showing it's age already. And it should. The game is already 12 years old and still comes from an era where DirecX 9 (not 9.0c ) was just around the corner and Morrowind showed what a game would look like (well, back then).

Aside from the old engine, also the weird controls (compared to Oblivion and Skyrim) is something that bothers me. Where the controls in Oblivion and Skyrim feel 'natural', the controls in Morrowind are somewhat different. I know I can change them, but it then doesn't really 'natural' for Morrowind anymore. After all, when I started to play Morrowind, I had no problem at all with the controls as they are. It was only after the release of Oblivion when I noticed the weird control make up of Morrowind.

Last but not least to mention the showing of age: NO WIDESCREEN SUPPORT. This is something I really have to get used to. I'm glad to have a very good monitor that doesn't stretch the picture to the max in widescreen, but those 2 black bands at the left and right are so ...odd... these days.
Good thing as well that my monitor supports both 1920x1080 AND 1600x1200. And that old 4:3 resolution is showing completely on the monitor though 1080 is the maximum number of vertical lines Yeah, no idea how IIyama did it, but I'm glad they did it

Aside from all the old engine stuff, I still think Morrowind is an awesome game to play. It's very lore-rich and it's still a real sandbox without hand holding to get you through the main story. Heck, you really need to read everything or you have no clue what to do...

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Canceled pre-order
17 March 2014
Posted in Elder Scrolls
I decided to be wise and not play Elder Scrolls online. But that decision is not because the game is bad. On the contrary, ESO is a very decent MMORPG, and perhaps one of the better I've played the last few years. The actual reason not to buy ESO is time and (as I've said a couple of times before) the monthly subscription.

Lets start with the latter: subscription. I think in this age with more and more MMORPGs having changed from subscription to a Free2Play model, it's kinda odd that a new MMORPG is released with the subscription model along side the boxed price. It feels quite like what happened to those other MMORPGs that changed to Free2Play within a the first year, that they want to push boxed sales, hit the break-even point with subs and then (when subscriptions decline) change the business model to Free2Play. And honestly, I have bought enough MMORPGs and paid enough subscriptions not to fall for this again...

Than about time. Though I only work 13 hours a day, I do not have the time to play a MMORPG anymore. First off, ESO being subscription based does kinda make me feel that I have to play because I paid for the time (have had that with other subscription based games in the past as well). And with me programming more and more lately, I don't want to 'loose time' on that hobby in favor for just one MMORPG.
With that, my Steam library is still very big and there are so many games that I haven't played yet and do want to play, that when I start on a MMORPG, playing those unplayed games in my Steam library will be slowed down as well.

Instead of playing ESO, I decided to play the other 3 Elder Scrolls titles I have...
Morrowind I have played extensively, but have never finished the main story. With that, that Wizard's Island mod (more like a full blown expansion ) is one I never even have played at all. So I started with that one.
Oblivion is one I never really played because after Morrowind I thought it felt a bit out of place. The UI, the instant travel and lack of lore usage (books) as done in Morrowind was what held me back. When I've finished Morrowind, I will start on this one as 'sequel' (which it is not )
Than last but not least Skyrim. I have already started on that one, but have put it aside as well. I will pick that one up after Oblivion and continue on where I left off.

I know, playing through these 3 will take quite some time, but at least I have a goal set for a couple of very goor RPGs to play. Lets hope I will be able to play through all 3 of them this year. I will keep you posted on my progress

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16 March 2014
Posted in Elder Scrolls
Yesterday before I went to Amsterdam I made it to Daggerfall. This morning I headed out into the city and see what it's like. Well, I gotta say, Daggerfall is quite alive and very impressive to walk through.

'Alive, yeah right!' I hear you think? Well, actually, unlike most other MMORPGs, the NPCs in the Elder Scrolls online are quite active. You see them talking to eachother, they walk from location to location and more such things. It is actually as if they are really alive

Then the quests. When you get to Daggerfall you ought to go to The Prophet immediately, because he's part of the main story, but honestly, I didn't do that. Instead I decided not to spoil too much of the upcoming story and save it for after release and headed out into Daggerfall itself.

Daggerfall has quite a lot of (side) stories to be picked up. The main story of Daggerfall starts with a dog that barks for your attention (if you look close you'll see him in the movie very shortly). The story he brings you to is one of those typical Elder Scrolls large side stories (I'm not gonna spoil anything here ).

Then there are also a number of small side stories to be picked up (done 1 already and I know of at least 3 more I can pick up - really have to hurry if I want to do those tonight) that are fun as well. The one I did hints to an other village to the north that's invested with werewolfs. Though I'm sure I won't make it to that village tonight, it certainly is one I will visit after release...

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Beta movie #1
15 March 2014
Posted in Elder Scrolls
As expected, this morning I had a bit of time to play the Elder Scrolls online. After I came back from work (only 2 hours), I sat behind the PC to work on TetraGems, and by now it's already close to dinner time, and after dinner I have to prepare to go to Amsterdam and meet with my cousin and brother.

But the time that I played ESO this morning I did use well. Okay, used it well..? I did slack in the game (what else is new ), but I also managed to complete one of the main stories on the 2nd isle (the one right after you get off from the starter isle).

I like it that at the end of this quest I have to make a choice. Playing an orc myself, it was only logical to destroy the sphere instead of using it's power to keep the Convenant save. But I can't stop wondering if the choice I made here will affect the story later on in the game. Somehow I do hope it indeed will affect me in one way or the other. That would make it very interesting to make an alt and choose to preserve the sphere and let the Convenant use it.

That's it for today. I hope to be able to play some more tomorrow and upload (and show) more movies of ESO!

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