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An other server hop for a special guild
18 September 2012
Posted in Guild Wars
After the server an guild hopping I started 2 days ago, I ended up on the Eredon Terrace server. Since this is a low population server *LOL - it's medium loaded but still pretty crowded* I thought it would be a good home to start searching for a guild. I went to Eredon Terrace because on a medium populated server, the Wv3 queues are very low (if no queue at all).

Along the way I've had a couple of guild invites for both the Eredon Terrace server and a couple of other servers. The guilds that invited me on the Eredon Terrace server were very small (one even had only 2 members so far...), while the other guild invites I had were players from games I'd never play (MOBA's and shooters) or ex-WoW players. Well, the 1st would be a problem because of a totally different mindset of playing a MMORPG, and the second might become a problem next week (with the release of the MoP expansion and lots of WoW-addicts possibly returning).

But one invite did stand out of the rest:

If you haven't found a guild yet, let me know. We are a small guild yet, but sound like you would be right up our alley. Knights of Beowulf (Sorrow's Furnace) are so far made up of Ex- Lineage 2 players who have been playing L2 for the last 8+ years. Not sure what server you were on, but we were on the original Bartz server, which is now Chronos, and we came from the ArcaneGenesis Clan (Hopefully you weren't an enemy ). Haven't talked to many of the L2 players into moving over here yet, but still working on getting a few more to move on over.

We consist of a Guild Leader from Scotland, and the rest of us so far are from Canada/US. We are looking more for casual players that are here to have fun, and not rush to Lvl 80. Our ages range from about 30-65. We are doing more PVE at the moment, but once we get to a decent level, will partake in the WvWvW alot more. I will be setting up a forum in the next few weeks, and we do have a Ventrilo server already in place. If your interested let me know. You can leave me a message on the forums, or message Psyzin or AntusGully in game

I was like OMG! Though not on the server I'm on now, it is an opportunity I just can't let go. Play with players who used to play Lineage II in it's 'toughest' times. Not to mention, it takes a certain 'mindset' to play Lineage II to start with. It is (well, was ) such a different MMORPG compared with all the rest on the market, and the PvP is so much different than most MMORPG's as well.

Yes, I did hop to their server immediately and asked for an invite. Though the guild is still rather small, I think I have found my new home now!

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Server and guild hopping
16 September 2012
Posted in Guild Wars
With my working schedule I'm mostly playing from 6am to 10am and only a few hours later that day I'm thinking I'm missing out on most fun in the game (Wv3 and dungeons). And playing on an European server doesn't help me with these gaming hours either.

With my current guild I've done a little Wv3 action, but that's been in the early hours, and at those hours Wv3 is not much fun. Mostly it's doing some events that are there and capture (not protected) checkpoints and with luck even a small structure.
When I am on-line during the evening, the queue to enter Wv3 is massive and it takes hours to get in to start with. And those hours are the time I don't have with me being mostly way too tired during the evening to concentrate on playing or play long for that matter...

Then the dungeons... I've done the Ascalonion Catacombs once with the guild, and missed out on a lot of other dungeon runs because they're done in the evening and, well... as said above, being too tired then

So I decided to leave my guild and post a message on the forums that I'm looking for a US guild on a US server, with my transfer pending. Of course, I've been browsing the US guild recruitments there as well, but so far I haven't seen one I'd like to join instantly.

An other thing to consider is transferring to a lower populated server (if any is really low populated ) and seek for a guild from there. This I can do so that Wv3 queues will be low and I can join the fun in that mornings as well, team up with other players and hope to get in a nice guild that way.

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Kessex Hills explored
14 September 2012
Posted in Guild Wars
Today I managed to finally fully explore the Kessex Hills. This region is once again one with great differences throughout the map. At the north-east there are centaurs battling for domination of the region, in the middle there's a huge lake with a lot of (evil) life and to the south you're close to civilization. None the less, the 9 vista's that Kessex Hills has are all worth to watch, and they do show the differences I spoke about

Then there's the completion of the map. It was pretty easy, aside from one spot. On the center isle there's a PoI that's hidden inside the isle. I've swam around it a dozen times, but without luck to find an entrance. And as you know me, I'm not one to check the web for spoilers and how-to's, but this time I had to. Well, I gotta tell, that I could not have found the entrance to this cave myself without the spoiler I found on YouTube.

Of course, there's a reward as well for completing this map. I had 2 green level 25 weapons (whee! I'm level 50 already ), lots of leather straps (good for my alt who's a leather worker) and some money and XP.
 photo Gw22012091407335855_zpse96ea634.jpeg

In all, I gotta say that Kessex Hills was a fun area to explore. There's enough to do, and there are some major (and very good) events as well. I am kinda sad though that I didn't find players around to kill that sea witch though, but hey, I've killed lots of other champions there (with help of other players of course )

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Personal story continueing and more choices
11 September 2012
Posted in Guild Wars
With professor Gorr saved and his theory being already known by the Arcane Council, I'm summoned to Lion's Arch to meet with the Destiny's Edge. But as usual, something comes up...

Unlike previous entries with the personal story, I will post some comments below certain movies about that I liked of it...
Note the 3 kids playing some of the history of the game. I found it amuzing enough just to stand there and actually listen to how those kids play it

Ooohhh.... Still h ave a headache of that drinking-contest. But I showed them that a lil' arusa knows her beers Also worth to note that for every race the skills used in the drinking contest differ. I've seen a screenshot of someone (non asura of course) with a complete different set of skills when drinking....

Again a choice to make. With me having trouble with under water combat (not so much after I found out I still had a white lvl 1 spear as 2nd weapon ) and I didn't want to take up against some aggressive bunch of gawl, the hylek are the ones left over for me.
Also, looking at my previous comment on the playability of Guild Wars 2, here there's yet an other path choice to be made, adding an even larger number of possible personal stories to the game. Damn, I can't imagine how long it'd take to play each and every possible personal story available in this game

The last 3 movies in this entry are the start of the unfolding of the main plot of the game. Undead being risen by dragons to battle the living and get more undead to their armies. I'm yet unsure what the main reason of this tactic is, but I guess that dragons want the inhabitants of the world gone...

I haven't included the debriefing after this mission, because it'll take me directly to the next part of the personal story. So far I can say that things are turning REAL UGLY...

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Undead can't swim..?
10 September 2012
Posted in Guild Wars
I don't know how things are with other classes, but the necromancer has a serious problem when it comes to under water combat compared to combat on the surface.

On the surface, I normally walk around with the bone fiend (awesome ranged minion), shadow fiend (not a real DD minion, but the blind-debuff kicks in n mobs badly) and as elite pet I have the flesh golem. As supportive skills I use well of blood (AoE healing, which includes my minions) and epidemic (invulnerable for 6 seconds and drop debuffs to surrounding enemies this one will be nerved soon with it's 15s cooldown). The combination of these skills is pretty powerful and I can take up against a large number of enemies at once without too much problems.

But when I go under water, I'm in big trouble. My main DD minion (the flesh golem) can't be summoned. In fact, of all epic skills (on the 0-key), I can only use the plague skill. This skill is a weird one, where I change into a swarm and damage and debuff surrounding enemies. When I say it like this, the plague skill does sound kinda cool (and yes, it is), but it has one HUGE disadvantage - all summoned minions will be unsommoned.

Well, that does kinda suck, doesn't it? This would mean that I have to rethink the whole minion build that I've and create one on pure damage and debuffs. But when I look at the other skills that I can use under water, I can't really find a 'good build' for a necromancer who is under water. This can only lead to one conclusion, which is that necromancers are a non-aquatic class

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Maps completed: Gendarran Fields & Lion's Arch
08 September 2012
Posted in Guild Wars
Yesterday evening I completed the Gendarran Fields map. The vista's of this map are quite beautiful I'd say. That is those at the south side of the map. The ones at the north side of the map show a bit more barren land, which is due to the fact that there's a constant battle with NPC's there (I forgot if it's minotaur or centaur).
The reward for completing this map is a bit less though (for me). I was given 'green' medium armor shoulders and 'green' medium armor boots. Those are of not much use for me since I'm a necromancer and can't wear them. Also, selling them on the trading post is no option since there are 100's of them for sale there, and the costs of selling them there are higher than the profit they give when I sell them to the NPC shop. I also had 2 other rewards, but I forgot about them. If I remember correctly they're tokens as I've received before for completing other maps.

And this morning I also completed the Lion's Arch map. This is he old 'main city', which now kinda holds the same prupose, but in less in art IMO. The 'harbor theme' has been over done on all places if you ask me...
As reward, I only had 3 item transmutation tokens and 1 copper *NO KIDDING* as well as a bit of XP. I figure that for completing a city ANet can't give gear, since you can already complete it on level 1...

Oh yeah... About one of the vista's (the one on the rock in the water), I'm not gonna spoil anything, but I can tell you that GW2 does not use tides for the water

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My Guild Wars 2 review...
07 September 2012
Posted in Guild Wars
I've been playing Guild Wars 2 for almost 2 weeks now after release. I intentionally didn't play too much during the beta weekends, not to spoil too much, because from the few hours I played then, I knew that GW2 would be my future home. Yes, I liked it that much!

Over the last two weeks, I've posted small reviews and opinions here and there and I was thinking to post a big review somewhere next week. Why then? Because then I'd hope to be over level 50 and give a better view on the game by then. But from what I've seen now already, I think I could make the review already.

...but where to start..? That's a tough question. There's so much good about GW2, and only a few flaws, that I fear that when writing my review, I'd almost forget about those small flaws in my enthusiasm.

And then I found Angry Joe's review...

I think Angry Joe here hits the nail right on it's head. His review holds so much truth about the state of the game as it is now. GW2 is really *THIS* awesome.  No, you don't have to party, b ut with a common goal, the dynamic events are played as a social community (which is much like it is in real life, you 'll only 'party' with ppl you know and not some random ppl from the street). Yes, there are a few small flaws, but ANet is busy correcting them.

Only thing I can't comment on (yet) is the sPvP, and I probably never really will. I'm no eSports fan, and I don't think GW2 will change that. My times of playing Quake II are far gone (really, Q2 is the last eSports game I played...).

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed Angry Joe's 30 minutes review as much as I did!

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Professor Gorr's theory
05 September 2012
Posted in Guild Wars




More spoilers coming... Though your personal choices will affect the story more and more, I think certain parts are still in all personal stories... At the bottom of this blog entry I'll give you my 2cents on the whole personal story concept in GW2. Might be an interesting read for all

After the whole debacle with the Infinity Ball, I was summoned by Zojja to listen to professor Gorr's new theory. That is IF he would be able to make it there...

I think it's a good thing that there's a somewhat fixed personal story in the game, but that unlike SWTOR, your choices here actually change the outcome of what's doing to happen. Where in SWTOR you're somewhat forced to do what BioWare has come up with, in GW2 you have a couple of choices to make and (most likely) will do different things. This would mean that if I'd make an other Asura character and pick other options I would be able to see a whole different story. This does improve the re-play value of GW2 more than it does with SWTOR.

Basically, in SWTOR you only have 4 personal stories per side (8 total) where after around 20 hours of playing (my speed of playing that is ) you end up on the same spot all over again. With GW2, the choices I've had so far would allow me to make 3 different Asura characters already with the same creation settings as I have now. Then to think that with the creation I could pick 3 inventions to start with, which would allow for 6 different stories only for the Asura race (calculating a choice in the early stages of the personal story only since the choice here I assume will be for all inventions). Thinking that there are 5 races already, makes it possible to play already 30 different personal stories. And that's only till where I am now (level 35 when I picked my faction to support).

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Ascalonian Catacombs (story mode)
04 September 2012
Posted in Guild Wars
Yesterday evening, one of the guildies wanted to do the Ascalonian Catacombs. Since I haven't visited those yet, I was in for it. Within no time we had a party up and running and were ready to rumble. But... One guildie already had done it and warned us that it'd be hard like hell...

But before we'd be able to enter the actual catacombs, we had to wake up some champion from his grave. That one guildie warned us that this would already be tough, but to his surprise we managed it quite well as part. When that champion was down we headed into the actual catacombs and much to our surprise it all went very well...
...all but the Two Lovers in their lair... As you might have seen in the movie, those two took us almost half an hour to kill. Most of the time we lost there was after 3 complete wipes (we were really missing a 2nd melee player there) when the Two Lovers were reset again But in the end we managed to kill them as well.

The final reward was a bit of a let-down though. Okay, it was a yellow cap/hat, but for me it was kinda useless. The mask I was wearing had in general better stats (aside from missing 2 armor points on the yellow one). Also worth to notice is that we had quite a number of 'green stuff' dropped. Now we have to wait for the Trading Post to be up & running again to sell them off

On a side note... It was fun to see how the original story from Guild Wars (1) had been used to make these catacombs happen. I did play through that content completely in GW(1) and enjoyed it a lot, with the Charr taking over the lands of Old Ascalon. Now the old king is haunting his old beloved city...

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About the dynamic events
03 September 2012
Posted in Guild Wars
One of the best features Guild Wars 2 has are the dynamic events. These events are much like the group quests that were used in Warhammer online, but Guild Wars 2 has improved these. One of the improvements Guild Wars 2 has made is that the dynamic events are endless loops on one place, but instead they happen all over the map. Okay, the events do happen again on the same spot later on, but it's not the endless loop on the spot that Warhammer online shows.
An other big difference with Warhammer online is that in Guild Wars 2 these dynamic events do not include only the 'Kill 10 rats' type of quest. They might include it, but they also have a lot of gathering & collection, some fed-ex and at times there are even escort dynamic events (those are real fun!).

Then there are also more rare dynamic events, called Group events and World events. These are mostly one single boss-like monster that has been spawned and has to be killed. With Group events, the monster is strong, but with around 10 players you can bring it down.
World events are 'a bit' harder. I have participated in one (the rogue fire elemental in the Metrica Province), and that one was a real pain. Oh yeah, in the end we (half the map I think was there) brought it down, but it did take about half an hour.

And now I'm talking about the events in general, an other good thing is that there's no party required to participate and get 'credit' for it. In most MMORPG's, only the one first or last hitting the monster will get credit for it. In Guild Wars 2 you do need to have a 'minimum' amount of damage that you have done to get credit for helping killing the monster.

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