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Account unlocked again
30 July 2012
Posted in World of Warcraft
I know that I said that I didn't care that my World of Warcraft account was locked, but now I've changed my mind. Saturday evening I made the payment to unlock the account again (well, I thought I did), and made the direct-debit active again. But nothing didn't happen yet. It took an support ticket (and 3 hours) for Blizzard to release the account again so that I could play again...

And yes, so far I'm enjoying theride again. While I thought my lil' goblin was only level 72, she actually was level 77 already, and after an hour 'to get to know her again', I dived into the dungeon finder again and had a lot of fun there with a random party.

Yeah, I made level 78 there as well, so only 7 more levels to go before I can 'play with the big boys'. Though it'll probably take me a lot of time to catch up in gear, I think the guild I'm in will help me along with that. And when the Panda expansion of World of Warcraft is released, I can play along with the guild as well and enjoy all the game has to offer.

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Locked out of account
09 May 2012
Posted in World of Warcraft
It looks like I finally managed to get rid of that 1 year subscription-deal with Blizzard. I changed the bank-account for direct-debit into my old one (which I guess/hope is not yet used by someone new) and I was waiting for Blizzard to get the 'news' of the charge back because the account is no longer active.

Well, this news came last Saturday (took them quite long I think) and I received an eMail notifying me of it. Since I expected it to happen I didn't check yet, but my curiosity took over today and I took a peek on my account:
 photo WoWlockedout_zps9dc5e3a8.jpeg
I am glad that the World of Warcraft account is locked out now, and I don't think I'll ever reactivate it. Like I said earlier this month, the spark is completely gone, and frankly, I still wonder why I keep returning to a MMORPG that's so shallow and easy that a 5-year old kid can play it like a 'pro'.

There's only one 'problem' now. The pre-purchase of Diablo III is still active, and I'm not sure if I can play it or not next week. With that, I even wonder if I want to play Diablo III at all. If it's like the 'original' Diablo, I'm quite sure I'll be bored quickly of it...

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The spark is completely gone
22 April 2012
Posted in World of Warcraft
After playing a bit more in the Mists of Pandaria beta, I realized that the spark that somewhat pulled me back to World of Warcraft earlier this year is completely gone. Where in the last few months I did somewhat enjoy World of Waracraft, the upcoming expansion will kill that enjoyment completely. As always, there are several reasons for it, but most importantly it's the dumbing-down of the MMORPG genre that World of Warcraft is putting yet an other step further

Yeah, dumbing-down, it's yet again an issue... In the past I quited World of Warcraft because of the railroading, the not so very social community setup of game itself and the dumbing-down (there it is again).

The railroading is a thing I can live with if done properly, after all, playing Lord of the Rings online and doing the Epic quest-line is perhaps one of the biggest railroading systems around. But at least Turbine did a good job on their railroading. In World of Warcraft, railroading comes down to following all quests one after an other in a zone and then hop to the next one. These quests mostly have no link with each other, other than some vague thing related to the current area you're in at that moment, while a lot of quests in the area just drop out of the sky and have nothing to do with the areatself, other than kill some mobs around.

Then the dungeon finder. This is perhaps one of the most non-compelling features in World of Warcraft for me. Lots of players just waiting (mostly the biggest capital city) to get in a dungeon using the dungeon finder. And when they're in, they rush the dungeon without even thinking if others have done it before, and thus not allowing the 'newbee players' to finish specific quests in the dungeon. Not to mention that most parties feel like you're playing with a bunch of automated players. There's no chemestry at all in most dungeon parties, let alone chat

Then the latest expansion: Mists of Pandaria. Okay, I think that the addition of panda's and the monk class (a light-armored tanking class - much like the warden in Lord of the Rings online I think) is a nice one. But once again, World of Warcraft is railroading the players from one quest to an other, and as always, reading the quest is not really needed (unless you're lost on what to do). Also, the FORCED quest-objective tracker (for the 1st quest in the list anyway) is still a thing that bothers me a lot. I'm no kid that doesn't know where to go or how to read Combining those two will lead to a lot of players just wandering around from objective to objective without any interaction with others.

Then there's the problem of payment. I did get the 1-year subscription deal that includes Diablo III. Though at the time it seemed a good deal, now I'm totally not sure about it anymore. And since I'm not allowed to terminate this deal, I'm stuck for yet an other 8 months to it (what a waste of money )

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1 panda, 2 panda's, panda's everywhere!
21 April 2012
Posted in World of Warcraft
Yesterday evening I had an eMail from Blizzard that I could download and play the beta of Mists of Pandoria (I've had more of these eMails before, but all were fake to 'hack my acount' - one of the good things to own domains and set one specific eMail address for Blizzard only). I started the download and install and went to bed (18Gb download total...)

This morning I started playing immediately and made a panda (of course ). Doing so, I also recorded the female panda creation as well, giving you an idea of what the new character creation looks like.

When I started to play (Blizzard dropped me on a Korean server at first), and below is the first screenshot I made there. Damn, everywhere you look you see panda's.
 photo WoWMoPbeta2012042110444910_zps12cd3050.jpeg
I know Blizzard made these furry cuties for the Asian market, but this much panda's on one spot is just insane!

Having so many panda's (players actually...) on one spot also has it's disadvantages. A lot of quests require you to interact with one item or the other. With all those players packed on each other, sometimes it's really hard to interact with the required item. The best example is the 'training bell' you have to ring. This bell is located on a small object in a pool, and you can only get there by hopping from pole to pole (you're not allowed to hit the water or you're turned in a frog while being in it). Once you reach the bell on a bit larger platform, your next task is to ring it. But that's the problem. about 3 dozen panda's are there overcrowding the bell, making it almost unable to reach the thing...

An other problem is that the EU server (I did move to the one EU server available) is located in the US, and more specific, the west-coast of the US (9 hour time difference from server clock to my local clock revealed the server location ). Being that far away, there's internet lag (my ping is around 175 average), and with the server being crowded by so many players who want to see the new expansion, there's also hardware lag on the server side. Everything I interact with takes at least half a second for the game to respond, and that is quite annoying

I think for now I will play Mists of Pandaria a bit more, though will stick to Lord of the Rings online as main MMORPG right now. Also not to spoil too much of the panda's anyway, since I really want to roll one when this expansion goes live!

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Heroic dungeons
20 February 2012
Posted in World of Warcraft
Well, with Nemsey being over level 70 now, I can play the Heroic dungeons of the Hellbound areas and today I gave it my first try.

First off, to get a party for this started is harder than just the random dungeon (waiting times up to an hour ). Somehow, tanks and good healers are hard to find. Heck, one heroic dungeon our partie died a couple of times because we had a bad healer who left (happened twice with that party) and we had to call it a day after one hour

But I did manage to get 2 heroic dungeons done (and I'll try an other one tonight) and it was really worth it.
In the first dungeon I pressed NEED (I'm not a needy player and only press NEED if I really need it) on a Scarlet Sin'dorei Robes, in which dungeon I only had a red +10 INT gem as quest reward (nice nice...). The second dungeon  (the failed one) I pressed GREED on a Timeless Tanzanite and I was lucky enough to get it (I have some nice robes now ) And in the 3rd dungeon I pressed NEED once more. This time for a Cobalt Band of Tyrigosa and got it as well (of course ).

So today I had my 1st pruple items (finally) and I'm sure they won't be my last either. Think I'll do the heroic dungeons on a more daily basis now

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First time as tank EVER
19 February 2012
Posted in World of Warcraft
Today I decided to put some 'love' in my Death Knight and I got to say, after I've left the starter area the class became more fun to play. The Death Knight is a mixture between the Shillien Knight and the Dark Avenger from Lineage II, using magic to fuel aggro and using pets as supportive DPS (well, the unholy build is).

So having setup a talent tree, I thought it was time to give the tanking a test in a random dungeon. Where I had trouble finding tanks on my warlock, now I had trouble finding DPS and it took me around 10 minutes before a party was gathered and we were in the dungeon. Too bad, our healer left somewhere along the way...

For my 1st experience as tank I think I did nice - not overly good, but nice. Fun thing is that when our main healer left (I think a DC), the paty got wiped because all were attacking different targets and I was the last man standing, taking down at least 3 elite monsters before I got killed. From there on we went on and the shaman took over the healing role.

In the end, we completed the dungeon and I didn't get any complaints about bad tanking...

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Slacking a bit on purpose
16 February 2012
Posted in World of Warcraft
Right now I'm not trying to level too fast in World of Warcraft. I do this for several reasons, some more obvious than others:

     1. I'm closing in on level 70 and I want to buy the Artisan Riding skill when I hit it. Only problem there is that I'm around 1250 gold short at this moment and have 95% till level 70 and I have a lot of auctions running which should boost me to that 4000 gold needed (if most is sold)...
     2. With the 'Love is in the air' event (yes, a Valentines event running till the end of this weekend), I have 6 daily quests to do that include some traveling around the world (taking me about 90 minutes in total - yeah slacking...)
     3. I noticed that my Cooking and First Aid skills were falling behind on Fishing. Since I'm in need of slacking I now can hunt low level mobs to get the items required to level these skills.
     4. Like above, but my Archeology skill is EXTREMELY LOW (below 50 ). I really need to spend a lot of time boosting this one.

And then there's the coming close beta event for TERA that'll start tomorrow at 3pm... More time to slack in World of Warcraft and hope the auctions will be sold

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Up, up and away!
14 February 2012
Posted in World of Warcraft
I wanted my goblin to be 'in character' when she's on a flying mount, and the one I got from the annual deal isn't the mount I had in mind for that. So I was looking at mounts I could get that'd be more steampunk and ended up with two different ones. One required me to have engineering skill at 300, and no way I'll change my craft at this moment, and the other one comes from the recruit a friend  program.

When I looked closed at that recruit a friend program, and looked in the Blizzard store for in-game mounts, I found that right now there's no price difference in either one, since the client is now only 7,50 because of World of Warcraft's 7th anniversary. And since where were no 'nice mounts' in the Blizzard shop that I really liked, I thought to make a 2nd account and drop a cheap 60-day timecard ( 20) in it as well, making the rocket mount even cheaper than those in the Blizzard shop

 photo WoW2012021410302760_zps147f03ce-1.jpeg

And there's Nemsey on her new mount and she's more than happy with it...

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Death Knight is fun..?
07 February 2012
Posted in World of Warcraft
The guild I'm in is in dire need of Death Knights, and because of this I thought to create one and level it as a change of pace (you know me I'm an alth-o-holic ) So I made one today, and started playing it. But boy, how different that game-play is.

I realize it's different and that the game will speed-up your talent and skill gain to make up for the higher level you start with (55), but still. The starting area feels empty (no surprise there I think), and the story-line is quite different from the rest (an other no surprise). I can't wait to get to 'the real world' (Azaroth that is) and see how the Death Knight actually is.

I think the class itself can be fun, but needs a lot of love from my side. Mostly because I've never played a tank class before, and in World of Warcraft, the melee classes are so much different from those in Lineage II (where I prefer melee over summoners / mages).

For now, lets keep the Death Knight as pure alt, and focus on the Warlock for now. When I'm bored of playing the Warlock, I'll switch to Death Knight for the change of pace I need, and lets hope the class will 'grow on me'...

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1.000+ gold
04 February 2012
Posted in World of Warcraft
I remember when I started to play World of Warcraft, that getting gold was quite an issue. Some might remember that girl selling her body to get 5K in-game gold to buy a flying mount...

But now making money seems rather easy. Today I managed to break the 1.000 gold threshold on my lil' warlock while she's only level 54. This means I can virtually buy anything I need her to have (not much actually), and can get all the mount (regular and flying) when she hits 60 (I estimate it'll be around 350 gold), as well as buy the mounts she needs to put those skils to work

Next milestone to hit is 2.500 gold, and by the looks of it I think I'll make it later this month...

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